Robert McGuigan, founder and owner of Bonvue Company, moved to Los Angeles in 1985 at the age of seventeen. He started painting stores in malls and theaters at night. He was a talented painted who worked hard. This work ethic and attention to detailed was noticed and he started working for Nancy Powers. Rob soon became a sought after painter, specializing in finishes. 

In the year 2000, Rob received his general contracting license. He has a natural eye and people like his ideas. Rob also has excellent visualization regarding before and after transformations and is able to convey these ideas to his clients. He works closely with each client and this personal approach has helped his business spread through word of mouth. Rob’s impeccable work has also helped him maintain the same clients for almost twenty years. He is honored to work with prolific designers like Mark Williams, Michael Smith, Nancy Powers, Carla Champion, and Brenda Antin.